Why Custom Website Design Services with us?

  • Trim down costs
  • Free internal resources
  • Greater flexibility of internal operations
  • Complete a specified project within budget
  • Maintain your Competitive Edge
  • Meet changing customer demands
  • Focus on Core Competencies

Hire Web Designer India

Do you want to make your business a brand online? It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or big, we have a professional team of web designers according to your business needs. 5 Live Projects is a fast growing web designing company in India which helps you to hire Web Designers from India who can design a quality and feature-rich website for you at affordable prices to provide you maximum ROI in a stipulated timeframe. We provide Pay-As-You-Go Hire Designer service starting at US$9/h only with no infrastructure costs, services costs, hidden fees, overhead expenses and no minimum contract. We always focus on improving your profits.We provide money back guarantee also if you are not satisfied with our services.We offer various attractive packages to our customers ranging from US $9/h to US $1000 per month.

We have a pool of 20 well-qualified and talented web designers carrying experience of more than 8 years in their fields. You can hire our Web Designers in India on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis which allows you to manage and supervise your project easily.Our web designers are skilled in making HTML and CSS based websites. They can prepare both static and dynamic websites for you. They can design or redesign your existing website to make it more appealing to customers. We assure you that only professional and experienced web designers who are our full time employees will be working for you.

When you hire web designers from us, they work exclusively on your project for 8 hours a day as your own virtual full time employees. You can assign any project to your hired web designer and can change the timeframe of project as per your needs. You can hire one or two dedicated web designersor you can hire a full team of web designers from India according to your project requirements and its duration. Also, we give you flexibility to scale up or down your size of team at any moment. Our web designers use latest tools and technologies to design beautiful and eye-pleasing websites to keep you always one step ahead of your competitors.

You can directly communicate with your hired web designer through Skype, e-mail or phone. Apart from daily reports about the progress on your website, you can also monitor the day-to-day work of the web designer you hire through the screenshots of the desktop of the web designer as we provide you access to our remote work monitoring software. We believe in long time business relationship so we are totally accountable for the quality work delivered on time.So if you want to take your business to new heights online by hiring our dedicated web designers from India, contact us.

Hire Dedicated Web Designers India

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