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Payment Gateway Integration Services India

The 5 Live Projects are expertise in integrating Payment Gateway Integration Services India. As in case of ecommerce website smooth functioning of Payment Gateway is really essential element for the success of the site and helps in creating seamless of shopping .Payment Gateway Integration services India enables cutting edge ecommerce functionalities to your website is now easier and cost effective than ever before, with robust ecommerce solutions from The Best Color.

In this era of Information Technology and e-Commerce world, it is necessary to have the online shopping cart by the owner of the website for the purchase of products or items by the customers to successfully run an online business. In this way, payment gateway service providers help in making online payments across the world. It facilitates the transfer of information between a portal and the front end processor. And it involves multiple parties as in Order placer, Merchandiser and bank.

The entire process of process of payment gateway integration is simplified for the users by developers with secure protocol applications in making transactions much easier and faster. The whole process start with customer when he/she place order on the ecommerce website by selecting his/her desire product, at that time order goes to the merchant’s web server then eventually leads to the request to the payment Gateway that we built for our client as Payment gateway Integration services India. Once request goes to the payment gateway it transfer it for confirmation from the bank as bank approve the transaction and transfer the funds from your account to the merchant account and respond back to the payment gateway page as successful completion of transaction then return back to the main product page . This whole robots process is completed within minute’s time frame so Payment gateway integration services India helps in integrating in such a way the fail rate should reduced up to extent of minimum. It enables customers for making easier process of debit/credit cards on websites.

Our team of professional web developers uses a variety of technologies for the websites to integrate for online transactions. Our programmers are very well acquainted with payment gateway integration and their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

A Payment Gateway Integration services India allows payments for e-business, online retailers, online transactions and credit card transactions for the customers after placing an order and hassle-free payment gateway to the customers for enhancing their online shopping experience. We are leader in integrating next generation technologies with shopping cart to help you process payments easily and quickly, and securely, thereby providing your customers enhanced user experience.

The market for online transactions is huge and continues to grow at a vast rate, and a friction free transaction is essential to any business website so our team helps both frontend and backend Support.

The 5 Live Projects can provide an end-to-end solution starting from helping you choose the right service provider based on your requirements till the seamless integration of the service with your system.

Payment Gateway Integration Company India

The 5 Live Projects integrate Payment Gateway Company India develops the E-Commerce Website Applications which facilitate sales terminal located at various retail outlets. Our web developers have been quite well-known in developing such kind of applications that feature 'Secure Online Payment' that codes sensitive information to pass safely between the two parties.

We have recognized ourselves as a trustworthy name in the field of payment gateway integration company India for variety of the E-Commerce Shopping Cart Software Applications. While the order acceptance from the customers, their requirements vary largely and so our payment gateways profoundly built with specific features can easily process credit cards on your website. Although offered by different banks and other devoted payment processors, our built applications can do the payment gateway integration with ease through the shopping cart you choose to do from. Our expert team help in interacting the not only backend but also frontend of payment gateway that caters full top to bottom solutions for our client and makes us one stop solution for all the quarries related to the Payment Gateway Integration Company India.

Need for Payment gateway integration Company India

  • Act as point-of-sale terminal for online money transaction.
  • Ensure security of the transaction.
  • Scalable support for doing e-commerce business.
  • Encryption of sensitive information.
  • Tool to authorize the online payments.

Advantages of Payment Gateway Integration Company India

  • Easy payment collection with less effort
  • Secured information
  • Reduces geographical barrier
  • Saves time without waiting time for cheque or DD
  • Instant information about credit or debit of cash from account

Benefits of Payment Gateway Integration

  • Be flexible service
  • Make real time payment
  • Get Secured over net
  • Be a cost effective solution for money transaction
  • Get easy installation
  • Provide quick processing of transaction
  • Immediate information processing
  • Generate online payment receipt
  • Receive complete transaction history

Our payment gateway integration Company India Services include:

There are many payment options which are integrated in the portal for making online transactions for the purchase of products and items.

  • PayPal: It is just an easiest, fastest and safest way to make online payments, making transactions or creating Merchant account.
  • 2CheckOut: Accepting payments through online payments is a simplified process with merchant account helping to manage your business.
  • CC Avenue: it is a biggest Payment Gateway and Merchant account provider which enable you to make transactions of credit cards and debit cards for online payments.
  • EBS: EBS provides secure wide range of secure online payment options via credit card, debit card and Net banking using a merchant account.
  • HDFC Bank: It allows you to give a complete payment transaction solution which secure payment options with robust features.
  • Citibank: Citibank allows you to give a gateway option for many payments which enables you to give a secure transaction.

Our team is trained in orienting and integrating captivating websites for online transactions in the business markets. Therefore, it is important to have payment gateway integration for mode of all online transactions for your web portal.

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